Car Rental App Development: 5 Features to Win the Market

Developing a car rental app like Turo: where to start?

Turo app reviews
  • businessmen would appreciate a speedy and reliable car
  • travelers would want an economic and comfortable ride
  • organizers of special events would look for uniqueness and recognition in rented vehicles
User persona of a car rental app

Car rental app fundraising: how to attract investors to your project

  • you have a clear product development plan
  • you partner with a reliable software development team
  • your app has unique features that distinguish it from similar solutions

Digital car key

  • The customer selects a car model, sets a renting period, and sends a request to the owner
  • The owner accepts or denies the request by the pressing the corresponding button in the app
  • Once the request is approved, the customer can unlock the car and start a ride
Using mobile app to unlock the car

P2P carsharing

Tracking technology

Tracking car in an app, image credit: Dribbble

Delivery options

Customer service & protection

How much does it cost to develop a car rental app?



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