Cloud Migration: Why, When, and Where To

How to be sure you are ready to migrate to the cloud

  • Is your business expected to grow, and does it need quick scalability?
  • Does your app have specific functionality and require advanced development tools?
  • Do you need fast development and deployment through access to IT instruments on-demand?
  • Do you intend to reduce the cost of maintaining internal infrastructure?
  • Do you want to secure your app using ready services and tools?
Why migrate to the cloud, source: Statista
  • buying a license
  • paying for server space
  • purchasing cloud tools
  • hiring a cloud migration team
  • training of specialists in charge

Choosing cloud migration strategy

Migration strategies, source:

Seven steps to migrate to the cloud

  • When you migrate to a public cloud, you share cloud space with other companies.
  • In a private cloud, you are the only user of a given environment.
  • Hybrid cloud allows the distribution of app resources between public and private spaces simultaneously.
  • Average server response time
  • Maximum server response time
  • Total server and app uptime
  • Error ratio
  • Error types
  • Network delay
  • Indicator of compromise (frequency of malicious activity)
  • Network bandwidth
  • License fee
  • Operating costs
Seven steps to migrate to the cloud

Moving from one cloud to another

Summing up



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