EDI integration and other custom solutions for TMS

Transportation Management Systems in Canada and the USA: what to look for in 2022






Benefits of a custom TMS

  • unique features
  • customizable system
  • effortless scaling-up
  • no monthly fees
  • proprietary TMS

How to integrate EDI

  • On your side. For this, you need to purchase and install special EDI translation software.
  • On the provider’s side. For this, you need to connect with an EDI provider of your choice.
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Load planning
  • Shipment rate management
  • Shipment conditions control
  • Predictive analysis with in-built AI-tools
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Ultimate customization
  • Mobile TMS

Re-architecting the global TMS: Erbis case study

Outsourcing TMS development



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