EHR Implementation Plan: 7-Step Checklist

  • Physicians get all patient data from one source
  • Patients make appointments without visiting the clinic
  • Clinic management and authorities reduce concerns about the confidentiality of medical information

How long does EHR implementation take?

  • various filters (by department, doctor, consultation hours, price)
  • external integrations (with Google calendar, messengers, payment services)
  • ratings and reviews
  • pop-up notifications
  • built-in analytics
  • communication tools
  • etc.

EHR implementation steps

Step 1. Define your EHR goals

  • time for information recording
  • number of examined patients
  • cost of patient care
  • speed of medical assistance
  • number of cases where medical information is lost.

Step 2. Assess your current state

Step 3. Select your EHR software

Custom EHR vs. ready-made EHR

Step 4. Create your EHR roadmap

Example of EHR software roadmap

Step 5. Implement your EHR system

Step 6. Go live with your EHR system

Step 7. Monitor and optimize your EHR system

  1. Review your data and analytics on a regular basis to see where you could be making improvements.
  2. Make sure all users are familiar with the system and how to use it optimally.
  3. Identify any inefficiencies or glitches in the system and work to fix them.
  4. Use your EHR system to its full potential and explore all the features it has to offer.
  5. Regularly update your system according to the latest technology updates.
  6. Train new staff on how to use the system effectively.
  7. Monitor and optimize your EHR system for the best results.
EHR implementation steps

Custom EHR development: team and budget

  • renting server spaces
  • database setup
  • patient data migration
  • creating web and mobile apps
  • developing interfaces for patients, doctors, and admins
  • working on UI/UX design
  • testing and QA



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