How to build development teams in Ukraine

World-renowned companies that outsource to Ukraine

Tech hubs in Ukraine

Tech hubs in Ukraine
Industries and technologies of IT companies in Dnipro, source: Techukraine

Building a development team in Ukraine: a step-by-step guide

  1. Find a vendor. Start by choosing an outsourcing team. Do not hurry. Take your time to research the market, read client feedback, and study company case studies. You can check such platforms as Clutch and DOU to see ratings and reviews of leading IT, marketing, and business services companies. In addition, you can book a consultation with several companies and clarify all the issues before making a final decision on cooperation.
  2. Interview developers. Outsourcing companies have permanent in-house staff and can also recruit software developers on-demand. In any case, the client takes part in the team formation. You will be offered several applicants to interview and assess whether they are a good fit for your project. After you select and approve the candidates, the team will get to work.
  3. Sign the contract. Legal outsourcing to Ukraine starts with signing a contract that defines the rights and duties of both client and team. Before entering into a partnership, ask for a software development outsourcing contract example. Study it carefully with your lawyer. When all the details are clarified, sign it and begin mutually beneficial cooperation.
  4. Communicate. The outsourcing team can manage the project independently. However, your participation will help avoid unexpected results and misunderstandings. The best outsourcing practices include regular meetings with the client, where the team reports on the work done and shows the current results. At such meetings, you can discuss relevant issues, make proposals, and adjust development flow.
  5. Review. The last step is to accept the work and review the results. Further, depending on the project’s nature, you can terminate cooperation or continue the project. If you choose the dedicated team model, you can work on a project as long as you need. In addition to development, you can order customer support so that your customers receive qualified help from the team that knows your product best.

Benefits of outsourcing to Ukraine

  • Extensive talent pool — 200K specialists
  • Strong technical expertise — 25% of all Ukrainian IT specialists have a senior level, and 63% have a middle level of expertise
  • Effortless communication — 85% of IT specialists speak English at least at an intermediate level
  • Reasonable prices — an average rate for Ukrainian developers ranges from $25 to $45 while their American and western European counterparts charge $55 — $56 an hour
  • Favorable business climate — Ukrainian laws encourage the investment of foreign capital and create a welcoming environment for international partners
  • Convenient time-zone — Ukraine has 2 hours difference from European countries and is 7 hours ahead of the USA
  • Cultural tolerance — Ukraine is a part of Europe, so the mentality and attitude to work are in-sync with their international partners
Benefits of outsourcing to Ukraine

The future of Ukrainian IT

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