How to Develop a Mental Health App From Scratch

Define your product concept and market niche

  • the product will bring benefits to business
  • the product will be in demand among customers
  • the product is implementable from a technical point of view
The notion of a product concept
  • Who is your target audience — those suffering from specific diseases or broader groups?
  • What will your app do — motivate and support or help in urgent situations?
  • Why do people need your app — is there no special treatment nearby or do users have no time for in-person consultations?
  • What problems will it solve — lack of information, insufficient motivation, no person to help, and/or no place to go?
  • Why will it be in demand? Target niche users are actively using smartphones and apps to replace offline activities with online features (online shopping, learning, training, etc.)
An example of product concept for a mood control app

Ten must-have features for a mental health app

Secure login

Intake questionnaire

Strategic dashboard

An example of a mood-tracking dashboard, source: Dribbble

In-app chat



Stress tracker

Pleasant activity scheduling

Suggest options for pleasant activities in the app

In-app rewards

File storage

What technologies should a mental health EHR use in 2023?

  • In 2023, AI will be used to help clinicians diagnose patients and provide treatment recommendations. For example, AI can analyze the text of a patient’s diary or an audio recording of a consultation with a psychologist. Based on this data, a smart algorithm can make a diagnosis and suggest treatment methods.
  • Blockchain will be used to store patient data securely and to ensure that it is tamper proof. Thanks to an immutable data ledger, medical history can be accurately saved and doctors can quickly access up-to-date information from any hospital anywhere in the world.
  • The IoT will be used to collect data from sensors and monitor patients’ conditions remotely. This will help to provide timely assistance to patients who are outside the healthcare facility. For example, a doctor can text medication advice before an ambulance arrives.

Mental health app development: time & budget



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