How to prepare for a SaaS launch from the tech perspective

A launch timeline with key milestones

Roadmap of developing and launching EHR software

A SaaS pre-launch checklist for CTO

QA implemented

Tech documentation prepared

Cybersecurity established

Customer contracts, and other legal documentation set up

Support trained

Product launch checklist

Bugs and issues handling instructions provided

Backups ready

Possible disputes between CEO, CTO, and other stakeholders and how to avoid them

RACI matrix at the product pre-launch stage

Pre-launch strategy development for product team

An overview of your marketing and PR plans

Example of a well-structured press release

Information on how you will measure success

  • Number of signups/subscribers
  • Number of active users
  • Engagement levels (e.g. pageviews, time on site, average session length, etc.)
  • Revenue generated
  • Customer feedback/ratings

Details on who your target customer is

Example of user persona for a car rental app

Availability of experienced product team




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