How to reduce warehouse operations costs?

Warehouse management best practices

Planned warehouse layout

Planning warehouse layout

Address storage system

Dynamic racking storage

Product preservation environment

Logistics audit

  • specifics of goods
  • warehouse spaces
  • warehouse location
  • warehouse build materials
  • security system
  • available shipping providers
  • business environment
  • customer expectations
  • human resources
Example of ABC analysis of logistics system as a part of logistics audit

Business-tied WMS

What risks to take into account while implementing a WMS

Unjustified expectations

Long development time

Insufficient WMS capacity

Inappropriate staff composition

Security concerns

Custom WMS risks

Custom WMS development and 3rd party integrations

Finding the right WMS development partner

  1. Ask colleagues and friends. Recommendations are the best way to choose a restaurant or hotel, and the same applies to choosing an outsourcer. So, start by asking colleagues and friends if they can recommend someone and make a list of potential partners.
  2. Learn company reputation. Visit platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, or just google, and read what partners and employees think of the company of your choice.
  3. Filter out unsuitable candidates. Shorten the list of applicants by evaluating them according to:
  • technical expertise
  • related experience
  • technologies adoption
  • portfolio of similar cases



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