Metaverse application development: 5 key technologies to beat Zuckerberg

What is metaverse, and how does it work?

Arina Grande concert in Fortnite, image credits: Epic Games

Five technologies to take your metaverse global

Alternate reality

3D modeling and animation

Animation of different complexity levels

Distributed computing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Cybersecurity with AI and ML


Common metaverse development use cases

  • Real estate. You can show clients the house/apartment without leaving the office.
  • eCommerce. You can create virtual fitting rooms or sell intangible products.
  • Communication. You can develop a workspace platform with people interacting through digital avatars.
  • Gaming. You can provide a totally new gaming experience with the effect of real presence
  • Education. You can teach physics or chemistry by doing experiments in virtual space. Or you can teach history or geography by showing places and events in an alternate reality.

What budget and team do you need for a metaverse app development?



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