Property Management Software Development: 7 Things You Should Never Do

Do poor market research

  • Who will use the application?
  • What problems will it solve?
  • What markets will it target?
  • What value will it bring?
  • How will it differ from its competitors?
Creating product strategy for a software product

Build non-scalable applications

Underestimate security

  • evaluating security risks
  • ensuring compliance with security standards
  • modeling threats and potential attacks
  • following a CI (continuous integration) model throughout the project
  • studying firmware reports
  • checking system integrity
  • monitoring security as the app goes live

Ignore blockchain-related technologies

  • paying rent with cryptocurrencies
  • concluding a rent/purchase agreement based on the smart contract technology
  • tracking the progress of the construction using immutable records in a distributed ledger
  • proving property ownership based on decentralized identities
  • registering land titles in a digital blockchain-powered format

Create standard UX

  • running quantitative and qualitative product research
  • developing personas
  • setting up the information architecture of an app
  • creating wireframes
  • developing prototypes
  • creating UI design
  • running usability testing
Property app design by Erbis

Rely on developers with no relevant experience

Push investors and the release date

How to build a reliable apartment management solution

  • market and competitors research
  • development planning
  • minimal viable product (MVP) implementation
  • filling MVP with advanced features after expected demand is confirmed



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