Shipping API: What to Consider Before Integration

What supply chain challenges does 2022 bring to retail and e-commerce?

Higher customer expectations

Growing customer expectations in different industries

Stronger competition

The rise of quick commerce

The quick commerce ordering and delivery cycle

Driver shortage

Omnichannel sales

Benefits of shipping API integration

Shipping API benefits

Top 5 shipping APIs to skyrocket your business


  • shipping rates
  • shipping order labels
  • real-time parcel tracking
  • return management
  • reports generation


  • address validation
  • labels printing
  • shipping rates comparison
  • dangerous goods shipment
  • UPS locator to search the nearest UPS store, and more


  • an address database
  • address validation
  • shipment prices


  • location of DHL pick-up and drop-off points
  • documents management tool
  • duty and tax calculator
  • shipping labels creation
  • assessing product match with a given shipping request

EasyPost API

  • e-shipping tracking
  • insurance creation
  • rates monitoring
  • returns handling
  • refunds conduction

How to integrate shipping and freight API into your app?



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