Software development outsourcing: how to conduct code review

Challenges of code review in software development outsourcing

Code reviewing techniques: meetings vs. automation tools

  1. Instant, when the reviewer sits next to the programmer and corrects the code instantly.
  2. Ad hoc or synchronous, when the reviewer corrects the code shortly after it has been written and discusses their corrections with the coder.
  3. Meetings, when a group of experts corrects the code with or without the coder’s participation.
Manual vs. automatic code review

Top 5 best practices of code review

  • Сlarity. Each line of code should be self-explanatory. No spaghetti code is acceptable.
  • Functionality. Each piece of code should behave as the developer expects.
  • Simplicity. The code must not be more complex than necessary.
  • Self-documenting. Classes, methods, and properties should have meaningful names.
  • Style. The code should adhere to the style of the chosen programming language.
Source: SmartBear report

Code review as a service

  • zero HR costs on recruiting
  • easy access to qualified experts
  • fast work results



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